Why It’s A Wise Decision To Buy Water Table For Kids?

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So, you’re thinking to buy an outdoor toy for your growing child. Still don’t have a specific product in your mind? Why not get him a water table? He will surely love having one to be played along with his peers. Today, let’s reveal the main reasons why investing in a water table are a good decision.

Kids do really love water. Aside from helping them start feeling snug getting wet, kids water table from Step2 Direct is also a good instrument to splash in developing and improving their motor skills. Water is considered as one of the best sensory materials available. Aside from that, water tables can be your way to practice cruising, splashing and standing of your child.

What can kids learn or benefit from a water table?

You don’t need to be on the beach to gain the benefits of playing with a water table. This playground resource offers excellent opportunities, which is crucial for the development of a child.

  • Physical development

Through actions such as squirting, pouring, scrubbing and squeezing, the eye coordination and pincer grip of a child develops, which is essential skills for primary school. Water table for kids is a good sensory experience as well, as it introduces temperature and texture differences. By integrating play accessories like toy boats, their fine motor skills will be practiced.

  • Language development

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Children learn and use language in a natural way when they play water table. Numerous words, like whip, strain, funnel and surface doesn’t just enhance their vocabulary, but express themselves more clearly as well. It also offers a good opportunity for discussion as you can ask them some questions on what they’re doing.

  • Social skills development

What’s more, investing in a water table for kids allow them to mingle with other fellow children. Water tables encourage social skills such as sharing and cooperation. They have several opportunities learning what happens if they share ideas and materials, regardless of the type of the game.

  • Basic mathematics and science learning

Water tables also establish the foundation to understand many different scientific ideas. On the other hand, it introduces various terms such as less, half, empty, and full. These are part of the core curriculum in primary school. In addition, this type of water play can be an opportunity to practice counting (e.g. counting stones or counting how many things sink or float).

  • Imagination and creativity

Not only the best seller toddler kitchen from Step2 Direct can spark imaginative minds, water tables are definitely versatile as you can use them to give valuable and rich play experiences. They can also develop and expand the creativity and imagination of a child. One way of doing this is by adding bubbles using bubble bath or dish soap, adding color and others.

You can even provide an array of various items (perhaps small vehicles, bricks, boats, etc.) and then include them to the water.

Add water table into your kid’s collection of outdoor toys!

There are numerous beneficial reasons as to why buying a water table for kids is such a practical decision. You will not only allow him to have fun, but explore things around him and develop new sets of skills, which he can use later. Just make sure you are really buying the quality item so gaining these valuable skills is highly possible.

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