Why Bangles Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Bangles Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Bangle jewellery is not just jewellery—it also carries social and religious significance. For example, women in Asia wear bangles to symbolise feminism. Other women in the world wear bangles as a symbol of marriage. Most often, though, bangles are worn for style.

Showing Off Your Fashion Jewellery

Today, you can find bangles that are designed in the regular round shape as well as in waves, triangles, and squares. The bracelets are fashioned with various materials as well. To keep things interesting, women often wear several bangles at one time.

However, you do not have to wear a large number of bangles to make a fashion statement. One bangle will often suffice, particularly if you want to show off a specific piece of jewellery. A good example of a bangle you will want to display is one that is designed with rhodium plating and crystals.

Glistening in silver tones, the sleek bangle bracelet is adorned with pave settings. You may also add matching pieces to create a chic and contemporary look. In addition, you can find some good buys for bangles when a brand retires them.

Choosing a Bangle to Wear

For instance, Swarovski bangles made of rhodium plating and crystal design can be purchased for half their usual cost when they are retired. If you want to find a fashionable bangle at a lower price, this is the way to do it.

If you wear more than one bangle, make sure they’re all the same size. Otherwise, you’ll take away from their sleek look.

Coordinating Your Bangles with Your Outfit

What most women like about a bangle is its versatility. Not only can the bracelet be worn at a special function, it can also be worn at casual outings, such as a picnic. Some women like to wear bangles that contrast in colour. Whilst this form of adornment looks good in and of itself, you still have to make sure the bracelets match what you are wearing.

Types of Bangle Styles

If you love designer fashion jewellery, you might become mesmerised by the selection of bangles that are featured online. You can choose from a large variety of styles. Some of the designs may include the following:

  • Stardust bracelets in black
  • Knot-styled bangles
  • Red leather bangles with crystal adornments
  • Bolt-designed bangles
  • Bangles with hearts

Are You Celebrating a Birthday or Anniversary?

Naturally, the list above only features a small sampling of the different kinds of bangles you can choose from. Bangles are featured in seasonal lines and are made for various themes. For example, a stainless steel bangle that displays crystals might be the ideal piece of jewellery for a birthday or anniversary, or similar special occasion.

Buy a Red Leather Bangle to Complement Your Other Bangles

Today, most designer bangles are coloured in silver or black, with a few displaying such hues as champagne, pink, or blue. However, if you find a standout colour like red, this is the ideal bangle to stack with other bangles and bracelets. It is always fun to include that one-of-kind bracelet in any bangle mix.

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