Why A Watch Is Better Than A Smartphone?

Why A Watch Is Better Than A Smartphone

You Don’t Lose Them More Often

Put on Zenith watches on your wrist and you can jump, take a brisk walk and even run a marathon without losing this precious item. You won’t have to continually check your pockets to ensure your watch is still with you. Because unlike a smartphone you have to wear it tight on your wrist. So why prefer it over a smartphone to keep record of the time. Losing a smartphone has become such a normal thing that people don’t take it as NEWS.

If you love to roam around on holidays, you might have noticed that cellphones keep plunging into streams as well as on a pavement. I saw my father’s phone going into a sewage drain when he was taking it out of his pocket to take my mom’s call My brother’s phone dropped on the street just to be run over by a bus, when he took it out to see the time. Same is not true of a wrist watch. It remains tight on your wrist.

Watches Unveil Your Artistic Nature

You can lose yourself looking into the craftmanship and magnificence of a dazzling watch just to appreciate the custom and accuracy designing it carries. Watches are magnificent pieces of art. They are just lovely. When you wear them, it boosts up your aesthetic look.

The only unique thing about mobile phones is the pattern of their screen break. Yes, that’s what happens to them always and that’s what is peculiar about them. They are prone to break.

Another plus point of wearing a watch is that you may discover other watch lovers gazing at the beauty on your wrist yet you won’t regularly observe somebody attempting to show appreciation by taking a gander at your cell phone — except if, that is their endeavoring to glom your own data for fraud. so why not show the watch and keep the phone in your pocket, only to receive and make calls.

Watches Can Be Passed To Your Heirs

When you get old, and may that be quite a while from now, do you need the perusing of the will to incorporate, “and his esteemed collection of Zenith watches goes to his sole enduring beneficiary… ” or do you figure your recipients would prefer to hear, “He leaves all his cell phones to his heirs? Of course you want to choose the first case because everyone of us is conscious about class.

Watches Promote Fellowship

Watch lovers meet up at corporate events or wedding ceremonies, share their stories, look at their personal collections of watches and perhaps purchase a new watch after seeing it at some other person’s wrist. I guess this may occur among diehard cell phone fans but it lacks the conviction.

Watches are definitely classy and a lot more better than smartphones. Their wearers display a classy personality and a professional air. They seem more serious in their matters and usually are more reliable.

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