What are the main reasons which make e-cigarettes popular among the youth?


Electronic cigarettes are the most popular kind of tobacco product which is used among the American high school students in 2017. There are reports which say that too many youth are using electronic cigarettes regardless of whether they are smokers or not. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control Prevention and the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration examined the reasons behind the popularity and gaining momentum of using electronic cigarettes among students.

According to the reports of National Youth Tobacco survey, it was found that the students used electronic cigarettes and all flavors of e-liquids in the year 2016. With the easy accessibility from websites like buyv2cigs.co.uk, getting access to e-cigarettes has become easier than before and this is leading to its popularity.

What are the viable reasons behind the popularity of electronic cigarettes?

The National Youth Tobacco Survey has found out few reasons which make electronic cigarettes common among students and the young generation and they have found out the following reasons:

  • Due to the fact that a friend or family member has used them (40%)
  • Due to the easy access to a wide array of flavors like candy, mint, chocolate or fruit (31%)
  • Due to the belief that electronic cigarettes are much less toxic and harmful than all the other kinds of tobacco especially the tobacco cigarettes (18%)

Reports reveal that almost a third of the students, around 35% claimed the availability of various flavors as one of the main reasons behind using electronic cigarettes. Keeping in mind the fact that tobacco companies have flavored products to tempt the young adults and youth. There have been too many researches which reveal that flavored electronic cigarettes are believed to be less toxic than flavored e-cigarettes which contain the tobacco flavor.

Using e-cigarettes is a growing public health concern

Post one year of decline, the prevalence of vaping among the teenagers has increased in the year 2017 and the experts suggest this rate to grow by the end of 2020. More and more teens will get addicted to this nicotine addiction and majority of them will probably choose the nicotine flavor. The use of e-cigarette increases the use of combustible cigarettes among young adults and among the youth.

Although e-cigarettes are proved to be less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, they are still responsible for increasing the habit of smoking among the teens, regardless of whether they were smokers before. Hence, teens are advised to stay within a limit so that they are able to take care of their health before they become too old to do so.

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