Ultimate Purchase Guide ForEyeshadow Palette

Ultimate Purchase Guide For Eyeshadow Palette

The Eyeshadow can draw a girl deep and make her think to purchase one. Lot of time you have gone from a cosmetic shop and wondered that which one is right to buy. For pretty much reason, it is tough because there are a huge variety of products according to patterns, quality, price and many more.

These can transform a character into enhanced one. Well, the below given are factors that you can take into consideration and get rid of all the issues while purchasing right Eyeshadow palette. You should decide a budget before heading over to the purchase. Basically, a good budget is required to buy Urban Decay Malaysia’s eyeshadow palette. After deciding a budget, check out the given below factors.

Know the Types

There are total five types available in market and each one offers different property. Even the method to use is also different along with the price.

Powder eye shadow: These eye shadows are common in market and you can get it in pressed form. There are tins available of it and if you are a makeup beginner then it will suit your need for sure.  Brush and sponge is used to apply it.

Mineral Powder Eye Shadow:These are highly recommended by experts because these are  easy to use and kabuki brush is used to apply over face. It is also used in highlighting work because it offers solid coverage over face.

Cream eye shadow: This is thick in texture as Urban Decay Malaysia’s eyeshadow palette is. These are not completely typical to apply after learning the method of use. It has the long lasting coverage and sometimes, you need to use make up remover to get rid of it.

Pencil eye shadow:This is completely different but serves the same purpose and it is quite similar to eye liners but it work differently. All the pigmented formulations are encased in the wooden and make it look like pencil. These are easy to use but right method is important to learn.

Liquid Eye Shadow: Most of professionals prefer liquid eye shadow and these are really typical to apply. An applicator brush is required to get started. Even these are used like they are painting on face and the great benefit is that it blend perfectly which gives a great look.

So, What’s the Final Saying

Every single type is offering different kind of use and you can easily find that these have different price. If you are going to buy one eye shadow then it is important to pay attention on skin tone and then choose the color which is quite similar to your face tone. Avoid eye shadows that are perfectly matching to your skin color because they look worst. Always go for contrast color so it gives you better looks than usual.

In addition to this, everyone has different eye color so must focus on the color pattern according to eye color. Black is most preferred color because it look great with almost every wardrobe you are going to wear on occasions so choose the right product of need.

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