Times When You Can Wear Black Without Giving A Second Thought

Times When You Can Wear Black Without Giving A Second Thought

Black itself is an elegant color which you can wear in any occasion you want. It is not the “sad” event color anymore; rather it holds the power to make you look super sexy and posh. We all have some dresses in black which we save for the formal parties. Though you can wear black simply anywhere you like but there are some events where you kind of have to wear black.

Some people have a little much obsession about black and the color of most of their wardrobes is black. The color has its own glory and history says it has never failed to attract the attention. So if you are confused what to wear in any occasion, you can wear black without giving a second thought. Style icons have seized the show by wearing black and they looked pretty amazing every time.

Formal occasions like launching parties, office parties, and formal get together are the best events to wear black. Sometimes it is even mentioned as a dress code. You can wear a beyond knee length slim fitting black dress or a thin strap drop down black gown for a decent yet gorgeous look. For a more professional look a black suit with light colored shirt is appropriate for formal meetings or office presentations. Dinner parties at work or any formal dinner has an immense urge that you appear in black. You can wear a pair of trousers with a blouse and a shiny black blazer to get both attractive and professional altogether. You should avoid short skirts or mini dresses in such formal events because wearing too much revealing may make you lose some weight and stop others to take you seriously. Looking too much sexy doesn’t work here pretty well. Black and white combinations don’t really make you look boring. You can always have a way to add some glitters though metallic touch jewelry and a polished shiny heel to have a perfect office look.

Apart from those formal events semi formal events like dinners with relatives or a night out or for going to a theater, a Ballet or Opera black is just the color you will want to wear if you don’t want to look too clumsy. A nice evening at an expensive restaurant with your date in a black dress is just perfect for anyone. Many people doesn’t care much about their attire but think, you have paid that much money to make the evening beautiful, then why would you make it less with your casual funky outfit. Rather you can wear a black mini dress with high heels, or a strapless gown or a sack. Little black dresses are good for late night parties or concerts. You can look glamorous just effortlessly with a black maxi dress. A shiny backless thin strapped long dress will make your date drool for the evening.

Though there are a number of occasions where you can wear black undoubtedly. But in general, people avoid wearing black in weddings. Though recent trends and etiquettes are changing but still black is something you don’t wear in such a happy day. Another “must wear black” trend didn’t change much. It is an age old tradition to wear black in funerals or a wake. It was the only way of expressing mourns. People still wear plain black in these occasions. But now the theme is changing to that- if you don’t wear black that’s okay, but you have to be respectful. Like formal events you can’t wear short, much revealing dresses in funerals. It is not only odd looking but also makes you inappropriate for showing respect.

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