The 6 garments no girl should wear on prom night (and the ones they should)

The 6 garments no girl should wear on prom night (and the ones they should)

Women have a love/hate relationship with fashion, we love it, but many times we don’t know how to dress for each occasion, an obvious example is the prom party; for the daily-routine outfits are one thing, but the last party to finish the school years is a unique event that requires glamor and style. Consider these Jovani gowns tips on the prom dresses designs that could make the difference between being the “forgettable” girl on a tagged photo and the school’s prom queen.

1. Shirt Dresses: Even though the party will be held “outdoors,” it doesn’t mean that the dress code is now casual. The beach type or fabric comes-off as cheap, and are not used as party dresses if you want to leave a good impression and have a beautiful memory for the years to come; avoid shirt-type pieces an instead, choose a gown with a profound or halter neckline. Your classmates and friends are going to love you.

2. Sweaters or sweatshirts: Sportswear and sweaters are banned from this event, even in “small amounts” or if you are cold and your dress doesn’t have sleeves. Think about your Instagram feed and the pictures on Pinterest, do you want to be the girl with the sweatshirt on prom? I don’t think so.

3. Any garment that exposes your support: There is nothing wrong with bras, all girls use them. However, no matter how “casual” a party becomes, it is best to go for the classy approach. You will look much prettier and confident of yourself by being able to choose a bra to match the dress cut.

4. Avoid leopard prints: Unless you’re going to a safari-themed prom party, the animal print dresses are probably the worst fashion choices you can make. Prom night is all about you being sophisticated, and a leopard print pattern breaks with that dynamic. Remember the golden rule of elegance: “less is more.”

5. Flip-flops: The prohibited footwear in a formal event is the flip-flops that we all use for the beach, or worse, to get out of the shower. However, no girl is forced to wear heels at a party if she doesn’t want to; Cute sandals with stylish details that cover your toes are a good idea, especially since you are planning to dance the night away.

6. Over-the-top details: Exaggerating your sexy side for a party it’s a sign of lack of good taste, besides being disrespectful to your institution and also reputation. We believe that you will find other elements of sensuality much more appropriate for such a formal event; You can choose fabrics in designs with naked illusions that have a thin skin-colored fabric to cover the area.

Now that the kind of prom dresses you should not use have become clear let’s move on with the most elegant models that are going to make you look like a movie star on a red carpet. For this, we have inspired in Prom Trends 2018 by Forsyth Family Magazine and the latest JVNby Jovani prom dresses collection.

Satin designs: From the long models to the short sexy ones, the satin prom dresses provide a stylish vibe that combines formality with sensuality and youthful spirit.

Lace: These prom dresses are elegant par excellence, great to carry out during the morning ceremony and feel fresh under the toga. Also, they give you the freedom of movement you need for the dance floor.

Silhouette Garments: In love and prom, everything goes. Party dresses that bring elements such as a corset or siren cut are ideal for those girls who want to highlight a curvy figure and be proud of it.

Chic necklines: The truth is that there are all kinds of necklines when it comes to putting together your look for this particular date. If you want you and your friends to catch all the glimpses and praise, you can use pronounced necklines in the back or an embroidered V neckline. For example, find the Black Embellished Bodice Chiffon Prom Dress by JVN.

Pastel Colors: When it comes to colors, pastel tones are spectacular to wear at the ceremony. A recommendation for girls with a more minimalist fashion is to make sure it is subtle by combining them with accessories in black.

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