The 12 fashion bloggers we love to envy!

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Fashion bloggers invade the canvas, and among all these names, difficult to find. Who gives the best advice? Who has the most followers? Marie france proposes to you to discover twelve impossible to circumvent.

Whether we admire them or enrage us, what is certain is that they do not leave us indifferent. With their thousands of followers, fashion bloggers have become real icons. Some have even made their business. All make us dream, but who are they?

Focus on twelve fashion bloggers who inspire us.


Our best friend on the web is her. Between street looks, parades and stories of all kinds, we dream of traveling New York on the arm of our favorite Frenchie and meet the whole Studio Doré team. On October 27, she will release her first book. Will you buy it?

We love: his new boyfriend, Chris Norton.

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She is one of those who have made their blog an empire. With more than 6 million visitors per month, she was voted the most influential fashion blogger in the world. She is beautiful , she has the world and fashion at her feet, and even a brand of shoes to her name. One hesitates between worshiping or hating it!

We adore: jealous her, of course!

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A Do It Yourself pro and good ideas, there is only one: Lisa Gachet. More known under the pseudonym “Make My Lemonade”, she opens her blog to share her passion for couture, fashion and partying. Recently, she launched her ready-to-wear brand “Wear Lemonade”, where you can choose to buy the ready-made clothing or do it yourself.

We adore: His motto,  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. “

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“Els’amuse”, “Els’apprête”, “Els’habille” … Elsa, hyperactive and over-styled, holds a blog on which one is not likely to be bored. We learn to customize his old tee-shirts but also to make cocktails . Meanwhile, her jealous looks are always sharp, whether in Paris or on holiday.

We love it: its haircut!

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A little like a second mom, Coline gives us all her advice fashion, shopping and beauty. Without complex, she speaks to us as well of his last blow of heart as of his haircut completely missed. All with humor and spontaneity!

We love it: its Youtube channel , for even more style!

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The ultimate reference for underground and colorful looks! What is certain is that Katia does not have cold eyes: her arms covered with tattoos, in unicorn dress or sequined leggings, she assumes everything and we like.

We love it: its multicolored hair!

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The most recognized fashionista in England, here she is. Hyper creative, she now collaborates with major ready-to-wear brands like Monki or & Other Stories, which she likes a lot. His eccentric and colorful style does not go unnoticed, and we love to follow all the moments of his life on his Instagram account.

We love: his fantastic looks inspire us.

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When she starts her blog in 2006, Zanita is a model. Today, she participates in a reality show on bloggers and collaborates with many ready-to-wear brands – remember her very much appreciated collaboration with Pimkie! Inspiring and elegant, it has everything to please us.

We love it: with its 260,000 subscribers on Instagram, Zanita is undoubtedly the most stylish Australian on the web!

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Chronicler, designer and blogger, this eccentric New Yorker proves that it is not only the wasp sizes that count!

We love:  her big wedding dress specially created for her wedding with her girlfriend Ali Talan!

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A blogger with a passion for fashion since forever, we love to follow Pauline’s always fresh and colorful looks all over the world. After Paris and New York, it is from now on in Switzerland that she puts down her suitcases for ever more style.

We adore that she is waiting for a happy event!

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DJ, designer, blogger and even actress, Miranda Makaroff embodies the cool to the Spanish. Daughter of fashion designer Lydia Delgado and a popular Argentine musician and composer, Miranda grew up in an artistic environment and made us feel good.

We love it: its illustrations!

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Parisian native of the south of France, Marion has only one dream: to leave to live in California . In the meantime, she shares her blog with her inspirations and her desires. Between trips and trendy looks, ideal to escape without leaving your sofa!

We love it: its ethnic look and its superb collection of hats.

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