jacket on my legging in red

One of the very first very summer looks I wore last week in Paris when the temperatures were close to 30 degrees. I’m not gonna complain about it for sure, I’m a summer girl …

But the problem of the sun and heat is that the photos are overexposed ahaha
Apart from the small concerns of bloggers with two balls, let’s talk little but well on this look despite very light. First of all, this dress. I flashed on it but in two stages. Purchased then reported and then finally at the time of refund, I kept it. Do not ask me why, but I had a doubt about the notch under my arms, sometimes I have obsessions, do not ask me (really), I do not know myself, but as much a neckline does not m ‘ Frightened, as much an opening too pronounced under the arms can disturb me. WTF ??! Then passion won over reason (double WTF ?!). Color had the last word. This blue jeans, used, very used even, fringes, holes, draws. The pockets also, It has its importance believe me. And then I thought that the dress could also be worn in a jacket on my legging in red leather and that it could be cannon.

I had already in mind you will tell me to wear it with red. So my sneakers have really come true, I think we really need to talk about it here. This is the acquisition of the summer. It’s simple, I do not let go. Already because I love this red ultra vivid, that the wedge heel is stack pile of good height and that especially they are hyper comfortable. That day, I frolicked 11km with nevertheless without declaring any bobos! So I hesitate to order them in black, especially since there is a promo currently at Pimkie on different models … I take this opportunity to take out my bag basket red and straw to display a casual style To the rock cut of this denim dress.

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