Shower Your Mom With a Gift Box

Your Mom With a Gift Box

It will probably be difficult to think of anyone on your list who deserves a nice gift more than your mom does. How can you show your appreciation for all that she has done for you over the years? One smart way to try is to send her a Mom Gift Box. The box will be filled with a collection of items sure to please and pamper her. They are perfect for many situations, including birthdays, holidays and Mother’s Day. These unique gift boxes can arrive as often as you would like. They can be a one-time gift, a monthly gift for a few months, or a monthly treat which comes for a year or longer. You pick the frequency of the gift. The presents come from The Gift Box Family and are curated by actress and entrepreneur Jennie Garth. They are designed to indulge mom with a little extra pleasure.

What’s Inside?

The contents of the box are carefully selected to include items that a mother will cherish. Special attention has been made for products that foster relaxation, enjoyment and fun. These include gourmet snacks, premium creams and lotions, fashion and fitness accessories, fun and stylish jewelry and so much more. Some of the selections are fun and whimsical.One such item is anentertaining journal with illustrations sure to bring a smile to the reader. Onecustom piece of jewelry is a bangle with sand from the set of Beverly Hills 90210, the show Jennie Garth starred in for many years. The Mom Gift Box is a great way to buy Mother’s Day gifts online.

 How Does It Work?

 The gift box for your mom lets her know that you are thinking about her. It can be delivered to her door as frequently as you would like. You can do a one-time gift, a gift for a couple of months, or a gift each month of the year. Shipping is always free and satisfaction is always guaranteed. The box will be filled with deluxe products from the lines of cosmetics, perfumes, chocolates and style accessories. Other than the year-long program, you can pause or stop the program any time you want.Charges are billed monthly, so there are no large upfront costs. The products are all natural and come in regular and sample sizes. You can earn reward points for future discounts. 

What Else?

 You can send gift cards to any one you want for the gift box program. Shipping normally takes 3 to 7 days to arrive in the continental United States, slightly longer for Alaska and Hawaii. The sale of each gift box supports several charities; you can select which charity you would like to direct your portion to. There are also gift boxes for anglers, golfers, food aficionados and lovers of chocolate and other treats. More gift boxes are being developed.

The Mom Gift Box is a great way to show your mom you care. It will come to her doorstep and will be sure to brighten her day with the nice gifts you have sent.

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