Services that Afro Hair Salon in Montreal offer

Services that Afro Hair Salon in Montreal offer

An Afro Hair is a type of hair texture that is common in different parts of the world, such as in Africa as well as the African diaspora, Asia and Oceania. It comes with a tiny helix shape springs. This hair type actually looks denser, if you are going to compare it with other hair types like straight, curly and wavy. An Afro is sometimes named and described as kinky, spiraled and nappy. Among the hair textures that ever exist, an Afro hair is one of the most difficult and sensitive when it comes to maintenance and treatment.

As an individual, who has an Afro hair, you would always love your hair given the best treatment, especially when it comes to adding color and relaxing the hair. When you come to the hair salons in Montreal, does every hairstylist there knows how to deal with your hair? Actually, you should not just enter any salon in town, except for an Afro Hair Salon in Montreal. You have to make sure that you are entering the right door or else, you might end up with damaged hair.

Of course, you would not like such thing to happen to your lovely hair, right? As much as possible you have to know how to maintain its texture. It could have been better, if all salons in Montreal have a hairstylist who can work on Afro texture hair types. But, not all hair salons have such talents or skilled hair stylist. Anyway, we have here a few tips about the services that an Afro hair salons offer in Montreal.

Regular Treatment

The hairstylist must talk about how you are going to treat your hair regularly. If possible a weekly consultation is needed, especially if your hair is relaxed or with a color. Weekly treatments are essential to an Afro texture type of hair because the hairstylist needs to make sure that you can have a hair filled with moisture. Aside from that, he must also see to it that the protein lost will come back. He needs to do such things consistently.

Aside from the salon treatment task, there are treatments that must be done at home, too. Just like when you are in a sauna, you have to leave your hair wrapped in a towel. There are also restorative treatments as well as hydrating masks that you may use at home. This will not really require a professional help. It is very important for your hairstylist to tell you this. If you would like to achieve the best result of your weekly treatment, then you have to follow those tips at home.

The hairstylist does not need to do the treatment in a rush. If possible, they need to do the work slowly. This will help the customer release tension and nervousness, especially if it is their first time to have you work on their hair.

Work in Teams

When you are in a salon, your hairstylist may have a partner or team to work on your hair. Remember that you are not the only customer in a hair salon that needs treatment. So, the other members of the team, must also check your hair’s condition from time to time.

That kind of approach will help the customer feel that she is not ignored. Such moves will even boost the trust that you may earn from the customers. And then, these hairstylists shows concern to your hair because if you have gone to a different salon, they will ask about what they are using. They are asking because they just make sure that no extreme overlapping of chemicals or exposure must be done.

Rules Applied

If you are coming to a hair salon for a hair relax and then, you have an Afro type of hair texture, then you will be given a two-week period to wait until you color your hair. They cannot do those things at the same time because that would be very crucial.

They will not insist to do those two things at the same time because relaxing and then coloring the hair will lead to stripped colors. Of course, you would not like that to happen. So, you better stick with their rule.

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