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This article is a follow-up to my video entitled “Two Truths and a Lie”. The game consists of announcing three facts: 2 being real facts, and one being a lie. You then guess among the 3 facts which is not true!

So here is the video if you have not seen it yet:

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It is time to end the suspense and when you have seen the answers, please comment under this article and not to return under the video on Youtube to let other people play in their turn!

  • First round :

– I arrived in Malaysia in homelessness I finished in a woman to cook spring rolls at her home
9795_10151392489211619_1051419158_n TRUE! This adventure will have taught me several lessons: – A: Always have liquid on oneself during a trip because the banks are capricious and if you are in the panade outside the opening hours …
B: Very often The people who have the least who give the most. I had met this woman (in the picture on the right) during a stopover on the way to Vietnam. We chatted for an hour, took a picture and exchanged our Facebook stories saying “if you ever come to my country, we’ll see each other again” the kind of phrase we say without much belief. Well this meeting saved me when without any money I landed at the airport of a totally unknown country.

– I have already traveled around the world

Screenshot 2013-12-19 to 20.02.16FALSE! This will be the case, however, when I set foot in South America! I have lived in Canada, Australia, South Asia, the United States and Europe for several months and have traveled to North and Central Africa. Travel has become a kind of drug for me. I can not do without discovering new culture and not only on holiday, I like to settle several months and live like the locals.

“I have already bathed in a pink lake in” weightlessness. “

Screenshot 2013-12-19 to 17.44.12TRUE! Incredible experience that I had the chance to live during a stay in Senegal several years ago! I think there was a story with salt that gave weightlessness. I also remember that it was a great hit at the level of all the cuts I had made to frolic in the bush! A must if you go to Senegal!

  • Second turn :

– I was selling swimwear dressed myself in a swimsuit

TRUE! This idea was actually just a game and then seeing the very positive reaction of the customers we decided that in summer we were better in swimwear and pareo to sell bikini! I worked two years in this store in old Nice and I have fabulous memories.

– I have already dined with Safia and several actors in the series Plus Belle La Vie

Screenshot 2013-12-19 to 18.21.16TRUE! Cock-and-bull story. Safia and I were going home after a charity show evening when we saw a man off the street missing a break. Neither one nor two are mocked and laughing gently when one realizes that the person who laughs with us is one of the actors of the series (Abdel Fedala). We talked a little and we went to the restaurant with them.

– I’ve already been drinking snake blood in Vietnam

VietnamFALSE! So I really wanted to do it! I tried to convince my friend to come with me in a show to eat snake hearts (yes there is degeu I confess) and drink their blood. So it’s not that I would have liked the taste or that I have a vampiric side in me but I think it’s part of the culture and I would have liked to try. Speaking of culture I ate quite strange meat there and their English is not necessarily perfect so I dare to imagine that it was still not dog … We will never know it! And maybe it’s better that way;)

So had you seen right ??! Tell me in the comments!
I do not know if this kind of more personal videos you like or if we should create a chain of VLOG to tell our lives and film more regularly on our journeys to make you travel with us! What do you think?

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