Why Nail Bites Are Dangerous For Health

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Stop nail biting


Whether this nail biting craze started in childhood or later it is often difficult to get rid of. Problem, it is dangerous for health. Explanations and tips to stop nail biting.

To have beautiful hands, it also passes by nice nails.

Yet, nearly one in three French people is affected by onychophagia.

But how do we get rid of this bad habit, which causes us to nail our fingernails (sometimes to the point of blood)  and ruin our lives?

Why are nails eaten?

The causes of onychophagy can be multiple but it is important to try to understand them, to better understand the problem.

If this habit is often associated with stress , it sometimes begins in childhood, because one is bored or simply because one is hungry.

These people may retain the habit of biting their nails up to adulthood. When onychophagy appears later, on the other hand, the causes are more due to stress, linked to work, economic conditions or family life.

It even happens that one nails one’s nails without being aware of it , during its sleep , for example.

Nail biting: what are the health consequences?

Onychophagy is not only a barrier to the beauty of the hands, this disease can also have consequences on our health, but also on our social life.

Some people bite their nails to the point of blood. This leads to red and painful fingertips, bloody cuticles. Transmission of germs from the mouth to the hand and from hand to mouth can lead to infections at the root of the nail or in the mouth.

In extreme cases, pus may appear on swollen fingers. In addition to the appearance of the nails that is modified, onychophagia also causes dental problems, infections of the gums and encourages the appearance of caries. I

It is therefore important to find the right solutions to stop nail biting.

How to stop (massacre)?

There are several solutions to stop nail biting.

Some methods are soft and non-invasive, with varying degrees of success. To begin with, onychophagy is often linked to stress, one can look for ways to release pressure, such as getting into sports. We can also be satisfied with finding an activity that holds our hands occupied and far from our mouth.

Chewing a chewing gum is also a good anti-stress remedy.

The most coquettish will be pleased, they can also adopt the false nails, which offer the hands a beautiful manicure and nails the possibility of pushing underneath.

Less aesthetic but also effective: dressing. Provided you do not get to gnaw another nail.

The most classic and proven method is undoubtedly bitter varnish, applied as a simple nail polish , it has a repulsive function. Be careful not to get used to the unpleasant taste and not to beware.

Finally, essential oils containing Cinnamonum Cassia, which gives a bitter taste , can also be applied to the nail .

What about behavioral therapies?

We nail our nails for intimate and often deeper reasons than we might think. The first thing to do, therefore, is to try to understand what has prompted us to become onychophagous.

To know the reasons that lead us to nail our nails and let go of this bad habit, one may be led to consult a psychologist. This one will help us understand and relativize the cause of onychophagy.

Hypnotherapy (such as quitting smoking) can also be used, by consulting a specialist or by listening to audio recordings for nail-biting people.

Finally, some psychiatrists will favor behavioral therapy accompanied by antidepressant medication, when, in rare extreme cases, onychophagy is associated with psychosis.

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