My New Adventure With Twigoa!


A new personal e-shopping site will soon see the light and you know what? I’m part of the adventure! Find here all the information about my new activity of “Cristina Cordula”!

Twigoa is a site linking bloggers, with clients, wishing to be oriented in their shopping. Indeed, you were very numerous to have asked me a day shopping during our contest of 100 000 subscribers on Youtube. I conclude that you are all fond of advice when it comes to choosing an outfit for this or that occasion.

Unable to provide personalized assistance to anyone in real life, I find that Twigoa is a great opportunity to create a new, much more personal relationship between us.

Concretely, how is it going?

When you register on Twigoa , you can choose your own advisor (and yes, I am not alone in the adventure but surrounded by many blog bloggers).

  • Step 1 : Complete a personalized questionnaire. You should then describe your morphology, personality, expectations and define your style and budget.Screenshot 2014-05-27 to 13.09.07Screenshot 2014-05-27 to 13.09.17
  • Step 2 : Your advisor takes care of browsing all the shops on the internet to find you a perfect outfit, according to your expectations and the occasion you want. This is called the twigbag constitution.Twigbag
  • 3rd step: You make one or more returns to your consultant using a dialog and can decide to make adjustments on the proposed look.

Screenshot 2014-05-27 to 13.09.23

  • 4th step: You validate, or not several pieces of the twigbag and your shopping is finished!
  • Step 5: Because your satisfaction is at the heart of the site, you will then be able to rate your advisor! All counselors’ notes will be visible on their personal profile.


Concerning the three offers available at the launch of the site, here they are:

☞ Premium, with five twibags for one or several different occasions (around € 100
☞ Premium, with a twibag shopping basket customized (about 30 €) ☞ Medium, with three twibags for one or several different occasions

I am aware that this is an investment, but be aware that a real life shopping consultant costs € 200 per half day (and I’m not talking about Cristina Cordula)!

I am really happy to be part of this beautiful project because I am sure that this concept will help more than one. And I know that a simple outfit can sometimes give a better self-confidence. The launch of the site is planned for the end of June, you can subscribe to the newsletter to not miss anything: by here . In the meantime, you can follow all their news on twitter . I look forward to shopping with you!

Please note that this new activity will not in any way change what I currently offer you on Youtube and on my blog. It is a new way of providing more targeted and personalized help to some of you because I can devote you several hours on an individual basis.

Besides “my darlings” stay connected because there may be a contest soon on this blog!

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