My Life Without You


8At the beginning of the week I went to Safia in Barcelona to shoot videos. We took the opportunity to take a few shots before the sun went down completely as long as we were near the port in a sublime setting.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would look like without you. Yes you who read these lines, who watch my videos and leave comments sometimes.
I wonder what work I would have if I had never created a youtube channel three years ago. Would I be in Spain now?

I think I can never thank you enough for everything you bring me.


Thanks to you, I have the most wonderful job in the world: to be free. Thanks to him I get up every morning with a huge smile asking what I will be able to work on. What I will be able to create, which will make me vibrate.


What I wear:

  • Jean: Pimkie
  • Jacket: Mango
  • Shoes: Bata
  • Bag: Sabrina Paris


This week it was Thanksgiving in the US and I regret that we do not have this kind of holiday in France. Anyway I wanted to thank you that follow me. I sincerely hope to be able to convey to you through my content as much as what you bring me on a daily basis.


Beautiful projects will soon see the light and I look forward to talking to you!
I kiss you hard, take care of you!

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