How to Become a Pro Indian Rummy Player

Rummy is a card game that has been around for centuries. Origins of the game can be traced back a bygone era.

Rummy is a card game that has been around for centuries. Origins of the game can be traced back a bygone era. However, the most popular form of the game, ‘Gin Rummy’ first originated in the United States in the 1940s. Fast forward to today and playing online rummy for cash has become somewhat of a norm among millions of users. Today you can play rummy from anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Among the millions of rummy users online, a majority of players are Indian. And while playing rummy for fun is harmless, going up against the pros of big money can leave a dent in your wallet if you aren’t prepared. Here are a few pointers that will help you kick start your journey as a rummy Pro.

Know the rules inside-out

Depending on the variation of rummy you’re competing in, it is very important to learn and understand the rules. A thorough understanding of the rules can help you draft an effective game plan. Stick to free tables, tutorials, books, and websites to get all the information and experience you need before competing with real money at stake.

KYC – Know Your Card

Once you’ve got the rules memorized, the next step would be to know your cards to devise a winning strategy. If you’re dreaming about competing in rummy tournaments, the most important aspect of your game should be to immediately analyse the hand you’ve been dealt. This, in turn, will help you calculate the odds of winning and losing, and once you got that down, it’s only a matter time until you realise when in the game you need to fold. The best players understand this aspect of folding cards better than most. On reaching the point when you realise that you’re unable to finish the game, folding may not be the best bet, but it is the most optimal bet.

Read the game before discarding a card

The next step on your journey to becoming a pro would be reading the technique of properly discarding cards. Drawing and discarding your cards properly is paramount to your success in the game. Underestimating your opponent will get you nowhere and a good opponent will read every move you make. You must draw and discard cards without revealing the pattern to your opponent. A good way to do so is by tricking the challenger midway through the game.

Don’t just play the game, play your opponent

Tricking your advisory is no laughing matter. However, reading cards is the best path to victory, even when facing down an experienced player. You can kick start this process by picking cards from the closed deck, thus giving your opponent a minimal idea of reading your cards. As the game advances, you turn to the open deck, giving your opponent the impression of victory. Being a professional at rummy is down to concentration, focus, and your ability to unsettle your opponent.

A newbie may not always be a newbie

While you may need to draw-on confusion and tricky to defeat a professional player, beating a newbie is just a simple matter of reading the game. A challenger with that draws and drops cards at random can often be considered as a newbie. These players can easily be identified through concentration and observation. A newbie will quite likely discard a card he thinks is worthless to him without considering how important the card is to his opponent. And while this technique will more likely than not help you identify a newbie, there are a few professional players who may use this technique to set a trap for you, thus baiting you into making a mistake. Making this differentiation will be paramount to your success.

If you are looking to achieve victory in professional online rummy, these techniques will surely set you on the path to victory. Be sure to practise them, understand them, and execute them on free tables before heading out to compete with the best.

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