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We all need something to put our things in whenever we go out, whether we‘re going to school or to work or even to the gym or soccer practice. Usually we put our things inside a bag, while this is very common, sometimes carrying the bag can be quite difficult (and heavy) especially when there’s a lot of things inside.

We are constantly looking for things to make life easier and more convenient for us, such is the reason why zuca bags were created in the first place, to offer people with a much more convenient as well as stylish way to carry their luggage with ease and not suffer from lugging heavy bags all the time.

Why are they more convenient compared to other bags?

The thing about Zuca bags is that it is mainly composed of two major parts, the insert, which where you put all of your belongings, and the frame, where you put the insert in, it has wheels to so you can pull or push it around with ease. Did we mention that the bag can also double as a seat? Yes folks, it can double as a seat. Pretty useful if you’re in the waiting lounge of the airport and all the seats are taken. Why stand while waiting for your flight when you have a bag that doubles as a seat?

Functional yet stylish

With the Zuca bag, you can get creative with its overall look right from the get-go. You are able to choose from over a hundred different designs for your inserts as well as various colours for the frames. This means you can customize the looks of your bag specifically to your liking, and with possibly over a thousand combinations you can choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas as well run into a person with the same looking Zuca bag as yours, unless of course both of you have the same taste of style in which case you can acknowledge that person for having great stylistic choices… same as yours.

Style changes and replacement

Of course, given time, your style might change and you might think that the bag you have now doesn’t really suit your style and you might need to buy a new one. With Zuca, you really don’t need to buy a whole set just to change the look of the bag, since the parts are sold separately, you can buy only what you want to change, either the insert or the frame, unless you want another extra bag then buying a new set will do for you.

Also, one of the unique selling points about this product is that the parts are sold separately, that means that if you want to change one specific part or get replacement parts, you can do so with ease. Whether it’s getting new inserts or new frame colours or replacing the wheels, you can do so easily.

All in all, the Zuca bags offer you a unique and stylish way to carry your things, from the student going to school or the professional going to the day job; carry your things with convenience and style.

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