Fitness App Functions

Fitness App Functions

We live in a modern age where you can speak to someone face to face across the globe instantaneously and be on a different continent in a matter of hours. With the advent of touchscreen phones, we were introduced to a button referred to as an application. While innumerable applications have been invented to help you reach your destination quicker, find your local restaurant and help you to disfigure your face, fitness applications have gone viral.

Gone are the days of needing a personal trainer to count your reps or remind you of last week’s treadmill time. Fitness applications are able to perform various functions that fitness fanatics relish. We are not the only ones who think so, as agrees with us.

What are the essential features?

The answer really depends on how seriously you take your exercise. For the enthusiasts, they will want to incorporate everything from recording each step taken on the race track to measuring the amount of sweat on their forehead.

Workout apps

Since the fitness apps gained prominence, numerous technologists have decided to jump on the workout apps bandwagon and design their own. The most popular fitness apps contain a ‘personal trainer’ functionality. By selecting the personal trainer feature, you are able to design your own workout regime. Most of the options are designed for the fanatics who like to choose complex training. You select the level of complexity and the exercises that suit your schedule.

The logbook feature has become very popular amongst those looking to keep track of their exercise. The logbook feature benefits those who want to compile a to-do list and store other information about the workouts.

Another interesting feature to have in your fitness app is the pairing with devices. To avoid having a silent workout, pairing with devices feature enables individuals to connect the smart sports equipment to record their results and play music.


Nutrition features enable you to control your weight by counting the calories that have been burnt and consumed. The feature also enables you to control your water balance, and it encourages healthy eating habits.

The feature is also able to assist you in compiling a grocery list if you are uncertain of which foods are healthy, and it can retrieve recipes as well.

Activity tracking

The feature is designed for people who are not so fond of going to the gym but choose to train outdoors. The feature can be used for indoor tracking also. The feature is able to count your steps and calories, as well as track the distance you have walked.


Although fitness apps are mostly used when you are functioning, its features have also proven to be effective when trying to improve your sleep. The features have become so advanced that it is able to monitor cycles and events during sleep. You are able to glean information such as the time taken to fall asleep, disturbances during the night and your overall sleep time.


If you exercise because you want to keep your heart healthy, exercising can contribute to a having a generous heart. For those who wondered what are the benefits of exercising besides good health, you are able to contribute to the less fortunate with an app. The philanthropy feature measures the distance that you have walked, ran or cycled and contributes money to various charities.


If you are looking to buy healthy food but are uncertain of the effects of the ingredients, scan the barcode and this feature will provide an explanation of the item you have purchased. You no longer need to consult your health professional on the different foods to incorporate into your diet as this feature will do it for you.

Fitness apps certainly do have numerous uses but many are merely copycats and do not provide you with the relevant information. The features we have discussed in this article combine everything from tracking your footsteps to retrieving recipes and helping you to become a better person by donating money on your behalf. Next time you are training, make sure you have an app that has the functions we have mentioned.

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