Fashion 2018: Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Have you heard of experts’ buying different products as if they were ordinary customers? Today I’d like to tell a story of my experience of purchasing goods from Cattifly. This online store presents various types of women’s clothes. My task was to shop something complying with the fashion trends 2018.

First I ordered a Marzio top on Cattifly. I fell in love with the model as soon as I saw it on the catalogue of the shop. It’s an ideal solution for both formal and informal occasions. As far as experts claim, business-style clothes are extremely popular this year. Marzio top can be a part of an elegant, pretty conservative suite, as well as a great option for a crazy party. The simple design of the top bought on Cattifly, makes me feel comfortable and unbelievably attractive. And have you seen the cut on the back? It’s impossible not to look at it. Pure aesthetic meditation.

Next time I decided to get a Vadena dress from Cattifly. I like everything reminding me of Italy and Spain. And the dress is exactly what I prefer. The super feminine open-shouldered construction, breathable material, a deep side split… What can be better? Even the world famous clothing designers are fond of such watercolor-inspired prints and flattering cuts.

My third purchase on Cattifly was a Taio jumpsuit. Yes, I was delighted to know jumpsuits are on the list of must-haves in 2018 and dared to order the model. The wide-leg design of the black Taio dress I’ve got quite soon complied with another popular fashion trend of the year. I liked everything about the chosen item. It was tested at a job interview (combined with a suede jacket), my grandma’s B-day and at my bestie’s engagement party. The more places I visited in the Taio jumpsuit from Cattifly, the more excited reactions it caused.

That’s why I also made my fourth order from Cattifly. This time it was a Fiorana dress. I needed a new one for my autumn-winter wardrobe. And this amazing alternative seemed more than nice. First of all, knitted clothes appear in the reports of the world-known fashion houses again and again in 2018. In addition, this dress from Cattifly is of the red palette. And the color is considered very stylish at the moment. Moreover, I always freeze in autumn and winter. So a knitted dress was a true magic wand. It helped to make me feel warm and graceful simultaneously.

What comes to delivery of the goods from Cattifly? Honestly, there is nothing special about the service. The girls from the support center of the store helped to precise the range of the goods I needed. Making orders on Cattifly took a few minutes. All the items came on time, of the needed size and color. They looked exactly as on the catalogue of the shop. The only thing I really wanted as soon as I got them was to try the clothes on. The quality of the products ordered from Cattifly is more than just good. There is no need to say too much except the fact I’ll definitely order more cute things for my wardrobe there. Oh, right, and shipping is also free on Cattifly. Another pleasant bonus.

Am I satisfied with the shopping experience on Cattifly? Without any doubt. Will I recommend the store to my friends? Eagerly. Is it possible to buy high-quality goods without paying too much there? Yes, it is. For example, the top and dresses I chose costed approximately 40 USD each. That’s why I think it’s good when we share our reviews with others. This way we can get a lot of useful contacts already tested by someone else.

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