Fantastic And Practical Solutions For Storing Special Occasion Dresses

Storing Special Occasion Dresses

Buying fashionable clothes and looking stylish in them has another side of hard work – it’s about storing those clothes properly.

If you have the knowledge and willingness of storing your lovely and expensive dresses properly, you can enjoy them for years to come. Here are a few tips for proper storage of your fashion wear.

When it’s about storing your special occasion dresses, you have to do the same process as you did for your bridal dress or your best quality bridesmaid dresses Gold Coast for example.

First off, you should remember the following four words that are the most important for clothing storage and wardrobe organization.

  1. Clean: To start with, get the dress professionally cleaned. Never store any dress that has not been cleaned or else if it has any stains, they will become permanent.
  2. Cool: Ensure you store your special dresses in a place which is cool and isn’t exposed to heat or humidity.
  3. Dark: Sunlight is not good for your clothes. Strong light will fade their colours and even can harm delicate fabrics. So, choose a dark place to store special clothes.
  4. Dry: Moisture encourages growth of mould and mildew. Hence make sure the storage area of your special wear is completely dry.

Hanger Storage

Hanging a garment offers a great advantage of preventing hard-to-remove creases. Choose good quality hangers that can take the weight of your dresses, particularly if the dresses have beads or other embellishments.

Border the hanger with tissue paper and use any garment strap while hanging the dress for extra support. That’s how those annoying long straps can be made use of.

Protect the beading or any other embellishments on the dress by wrapping them in tissue paper. Stuff tissue paper into sleeves, bodice or any deep folds in the fabric so as to maintain the shape.

Store the garment inside a bag made of fabric such as un-dyed, unbleached muslin so that it can breathe. Never use plastic bag for long-term storage.

Box Storage

Take an acid-free, strong cardboard sweater bag or storage box and border it with tissue paper. While storing dresses in the box, particularly heavily beaded dresses such as the special occasion dresses Australia from Bridesmaids Only, first lay hem in the box, then fold the dress.

Box Storage

In case of very long dress, lay it down in accordion-style placing tissue paper within each fold. Ensure you wrap every dress like this and lay it on top of another in the box.

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Suit Storage

Suits of men as well as women should be hung on quality wooden hangers that have a shape to the shoulder as well as arches a bit forward to support and keep the shape of the shoulders of the suit jacket.

Pants can be hung on felted clamp hangers so as to keep them smooth. Hold the pants by the legs and fold one of the legs through the hanger till the hem comes up to the crotch; then fold the other leg similarly over the first.

Circulating air is a must for suits; hence don’t pack many suits in one garment bag. The bag should be either cloth or canvas which is good for cotton as well as woolen suits. Store suits with cedar blocks to prevent moths.

A custom made cedar closet is the best way to store woolen suits and other woolen garments to keep them completely protected.

Storing Dress Shoes

Dress shoes should ideally be stored separate from daily wear shoes in a custom-made shoe rack. With shoe racks it becomes easy to organise shoes in a closet and they remain in a good condition.

So, you can see what a hard work will be required to look good in your special occasion wear. With the above tips you can achieve that and look your best always.

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