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Creator, artisan jeweler, or jeweler, you are in direct contact with your customers? You set the price of your jewelry yourself ? So you’ve already faced someone who thought your jewelry was too expensive . What frustration not ?! Cookson CLAL offers you today an article that will give you some tips to avoid this kind of situation.

How to deal with a customer not convinced of the price of your jewelry?

We are well aware that each vendor has its own way of selling, its personal approach with customers, and in no case do we question it. We just want to share some tips that will help you understand your customers and convert them a bit more🙂

Here are 10 tips to deal with a customer who questions the price of your jewelry :

1. Ask questions

The first thing to do is determine if the price is actually the problem. Ask your client what kind of jewelry he wants to buy and what budget he is willing to spend. If his budget gets into your price ranges, that was not what bothered him. He just may not know what he is looking for and needs your advice.

2. Be convinced of your selling price

When you fix the price of your jewelry, you know why you got there. The cost of raw materials, working time, etc. There are many factors you take into account to estimate the value of your creations. Keep in mind that this is not the case for your customer. He certainly does not know the time spent on the jewel that interests him or what he cost you. So you need to be sure of yourself when a customer asks you how much a piece costs, and not let you destabilize.

3. Sell your story

You sell your jewelery, but you also sell your story, your skills and your creativity. Each of your creations has a history: what was your inspiration? Why did you use these materials? When you present a jewel, talk about its history and what led you to create it and thus touch your customer.

4. Sell your professional skills

When a customer is interested in a creation, do not hesitate to tell him about the time you spent on it, the techniques you used. This allows him to communicate to him the quality of your work and the know-how that goes with it.

5. Decide when you are ready to negotiate (and when you are not)

Some customers do not hesitate to ask you for a discount on a room. Do not forget that it is up to you to decide whether the price of one of your jewelry can be negotiated or not. Keep in mind the work you provided and what it cost you. Do not accept an offer at a price you consider too low, even if this prevents you from closing the sale.

6. Highlight your difference

When you sell jewelry and you award them a prize, you need to know what sets you apart from others. Why should a customer buy it at home rather than elsewhere? Maybe you use a specific material, original raw materials or do you have a recognized name? It is important that the client knows how you are different from others in accepting and understanding your pricing.

7. Stay comfortable in any situation

Whether the person buys or not after entering your shop, you must stay pleasant with it. This visitor may have bought nothing but will surely return in some time. If he keeps a positive image of you and your shop, he will talk about it and bring you new prospects.

8. The rule of the two sentences

This is not a recognized or official rule, but we highly recommend it! When you give a price, add two sentences before letting your customer know. This avoids the effect of “surprise” or “shock” at the announcement of a price he did not expect. For example, you say that this ring is worth 200 €. Do not stop at the price, but add some arguments like: ”  This ring is worth 200 €. Look at the finish of the ring. And the color of its stones!  ”

9. Talk about supplementary services

What services do you offer following the purchase of this jewel? Cleaning once a year? A 2-year insurance? Speak at the same time as you present the jewel to the future buyer.

10. Do not enter the details

Do not try to justify a price by specifying how much you paid for the gold gram, the weight of a coin or the price of the stones. The client does not have to be informed of this, and he certainly does not want to know.

Now that you have taken note of these 10 tips, you have to play to develop your customer base and your reputation!

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