Eyebrow Tattoos: What You Should Know Before You Get Started

Eyebrow Tattoos

If hair removal allows you to shape the eyebrows by removing unwanted hair, the reverse is only possible with the technique of dermopigmentation. A semi-permanent dermis tattoo that Stéphanie Kayat, our expert, applies to obtain the illusion of an eyebrow garnished and perfect line.

 Due to having too heavy a hand on the tweezers , you may end up with no eyebrows.

In this case, the temporary issue may be to apply makeup, but if a more permanent solution is sought, dermopigmentation can save the honor of our eyes.

Semi-permanent tattoo: what is dermopigmentation?

Stéphanie Kayat: “Dermopigmentation is a non-definitive tattoo that takes place on the skin. It consists of micro-needles penetrating the surface layer of the skin to deposit the pigment.

The steps are done in two steps, with a first session that allows to tattoo, and a second session, usually three to four weeks later, which allows to correct or to re-pigment the zones that do not have tenuous”.

Note: As this is a fleeting tattoo, the color fades over time. It is therefore necessary to make regular adjustments, approximately every two years depending on the behavior of the tattoo.

Eyebrows too hairy, holes, asymmetric: dermopigmentation as a solution

SK: “There are several cases to be treated in dermopigmentation. Concerning the eyebrow, there is the case where there is an absence of eyebrows because too shaved, so there, we will come to add hair to give Intensity to the eye because it is necessary to know that the eyebrow gives intensity to the glance.

There is the case where the eyebrows are totally asymmetrical, so here our job is to make them more symmetrical, so either to depilate, or to add some hairs, but both walk together. It epilates to restore hair and to rebalance, to have a perfect eyebrow.

3D hair dermography, a semi-permanent luxury tattoo

SK: “Today there is a new type of dermography or alternative tattoo that deals mainly with hair. Many of us are faced with problems of alopecia (for women) and baldness (for men) .

Apart from that, apart from the implants, there is no other way to add hair or to conceal this lack. I worked a new technique, which allows to give again the illusion of a 3D effect of the hair or the hair.

For example, in the case of an eyebrow, many are pigmented but are “sketched” with an unnatural result. Today, thanks to the dermography that remains of the tattoo, I will be able to recreate a hair even more true than nature.

That is, a person who looks at you – even two millimeters, can not see that it is a hair that does not belong to you. It has an immediate effect and is less invasive since it does not require surgery. Finally, it is inexpensive. “

What do you recognize a perfect eyebrow?

SK: “A beautiful eyebrow corresponds to a criterion that is two-thirds, from the beginning to the break, and a third of the break to the point.” That is theory, Adapt to each face.

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