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Retouching thailand-9

Three weeks to discover a small corner of Thailand are coming to an end. I loved my stay in Hua Hin and I hope you enjoyed following my adventures there through my vlogs .

At first I found it a shame to stay only in the same city during this trip. And then finally it made me realize one thing.

I have never discovered a country as well as living in the same place for several months. As well as it is tempting to create a small itinerary to visit the most tourist places, in the end, we come back to take the same shots that will be found everywhere on the tourist sites and I find that you lose in truth.

I have never been one to take a backpacker or a lonely planet before leaving somewhere.
I like to fall on small corners of paradise perfectly by chance, without having planned anything.

Retouching thailandebisRetouching thailand-8Retouching thailand-7Retouching thailand-6I enjoyed my stay in Hua Hin as it allowed me to experience a Thai city and the lifestyle of the people there. So yes it was not necessarily the best destination considering that 10 bombs had been found a week before our arrival and that some had exploded. But it was like that.

Retouching thailand-5Retouching thailand-4Retouching thailand-12Retouching thailand-3Retouche thailand-2Retouching thailandRetouching thailand-14Retouche thailand-13  Retouching thailand-11Retouching thailand-10Retouching thailand-15And you? Are you more likely to visit as many places as possible in a country so that you can check them on your checklist or prefer to ask you several days somewhere to learn more about the local way of life?

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