Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind if You’re Opting for Plastic Surgery – Staying Safe

Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind if You’re Opting for Plastic Surgery – Staying Safe

There are many people who wish to undergo plastic surgery and who have lots of doubts that need to be cleared before the arrival day of the surgery. Dr. BJ Cohen of and a group of other cosmetic surgeons had sat together to give answers to the most common questions of the potential patients who are about to go under the knife for some kind of plastic surgery. According to them, every single patient should feel comfortable and they should be at ease before the day of the surgery. So, here we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind if you’re a candidate of cosmetic surgery.

  1. DO get a complete physical history of yourself

Before you go in for the surgery, it is vital for you to review the entire medical and physical history tested by your health professional. Their personal opinion on your health condition is vital and it needs to be checked by the cosmetic surgeon. You should know whether or not you’re healthy enough for the surgery.

  1. DO take a shower the night before the surgery

Make sure you take a shower before the night of the surgery and also on the morning of your surgery. When you wash your skin with soap, this eliminates all kinds of bacteria and reduces any risk of infection. Also take a gentle shower on the day following the surgery so that the incisions are clean. Don’t scrub the incision.

  1. DO drink lots of water

Drink almost a gallon of water before the surgery day and once it is done, drink different kinds of fluids as you’ll feel better when the skin is hydrated. Call the surgeons in case there are questions and feel free to speak to your doctor anytime during or after the surgery.

  1. DON’T smoke

The drugs and chemicals that you find in tobacco usually reduce oxygenation or blood flow to the skin. When you smoke, this hinders the healing process and hence the risk of incurring infection also rises. There are even higher chances of scarring.

  1. DON’T take ibuprofen or aspirin

Among others, these are the few medications which reduce the platelet function which thereby leads to bruising and bleeding. There are some other medicines like herbal supplements, alcohol which lead to problems and hence you should meet your doctor.

  1. DON’T judge the results before 6 months

Swelling is one of the basic parts of the cosmetic surgery and this will take very little time to vanish. Healing completely will take 6 months and these are longer for receiving final results.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the various dos and don’ts of cosmetic surgery, try to follow them to the best you can in order to recover sooner.

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