Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends


The mythical song interpreted by Marilyn Monroe in “Men prefer blondes” sums up a certain vision of romance and its absolute symbol for a century: the diamond.

I rehearsed the song, and beyond Marilyn’s electrifying peps, there is behind each stanza that humor stripping around love that does not last, women aging and men disappearing, while the diamond , He is there forever, brilliant, sublime, unalloyed ally, and above all, having kept all its value, to survive in case of a hard blow … As if finally the diamond was the only lasting proof of love, the sure value , The true and faithful friend, the one who will never let you down!

Reality or fantasy?


If we talk about investment and life insurance, I think we have to put it in perspective, and understand that this song from 1949 and reinterpreted in 1953 by Marilyn is a reflection of a long and patient advertising strategy developed by the famous firm De Beers from the thirties.

Here is the story that goes with, and that after the song of realism in love with Marilyn, leads to a lesson in economic realism.

De Beers is the firm that controlled almost all of the diamond production in the 20th century by successively taking over the mines discovered in Africa, a monopolistic situation that is rare but notably durable. The reason for this is simple: the discovery of African mines made diamond production too high in relation to demand. The only way to preserve the price was to control production to ensure scarcity. So one source was the key to this industry.

However, after the crisis of the 1930s, demand had drastically fallen, especially on the engagement ring which accounted for 75% of sales.

De Beers then turned to the Madison Avenue pubs (the beautiful guys from Mad Men) to revive the market. The “Don Draper” of Madison found the brilliant trick to revive the diamond engagement ring market: they put in the average American’s head that the value of the stone testified to his personal worth. The advertisers have created a convention, an irrefutable dogma: the diamond as a symbol of status and love.

Said otherwise, the man who does not offer a diamond to his fiancee is a failure, a poor guy, a guy whose love is not worth a kopek, in short, a man who does not weigh heavily on the marriage market !

The desirability of the diamond has skyrocketed, the unfortunates have begun to invest all their savings to buy a diamond ring to their fianc2ee, stars have exhibited their enormous pebbles in the media, the diamond era pledge of love Eternal and social success was born, and for centuries and centuries.

For today, even if the US and Europe are running out of steam on the beautiful diamond story (both for economic and social reasons, girls are no longer Marilyn, they work and buy their own jewelery Diamonds), the Chinese and Indian middle classes are booming demand. Long live the diamond and the symbol of success and eternal love, chimeras have a hard life.

And to finish on this diamond story, I must confess to you one last thing: a diamond bought loses direct half of its value.

Because jewelry is sold at very low prices in auction rooms, that no one knows the value of a diamond when it is not sold by an expert, and that the work done on the jewel does not count.

That makes say to this expert in economy to which I piqued some ideas for this post: ”  Diamonds are Bullshits  “, title much less popular than was the famous song of Marilyn. And how iconoclastic, because the economist also explains that the diamond has no intrinsic value, but a value that is due only to the desire it arouses … Thanks to the Mad Men!

Good but I do the malignant …

Despite my many analyzes, deconstructions, economic flattening, and rationalizations, I remained an unconditional lover of diamonds. Will understand!


And if in recent years I have turned a lot to the old or atypical diamonds, here I am going to tell you about a brand that makes the true modern diamond, classic, very good quality, and who made his small Revolution by creating a concept of jewelry with pierced diamonds, not crimped, the concept of the Nu Diamond.

Because whatever happens, Diamonds are still a girl’s best friends.

I met last Wednesday Véronique Tournet, the brunette of the brand ”  La Brune and La Blonde  ” and it is not she who will contradict Marilyn. Moreover, she has made red vermilion mouth and lacquered nails of the same color the symbols of her brand, a nod to the femme fatale star of the 50s.


And yet, Veronique is not too much in the Marilyn register. Rather boyish than femme fatale, its ultra chic jean and navy blue shirt, flat boots translates its desire to move all the time: it is cash, talks at 100 an hour, overflows with energy, and tells the adventure of His brand as he tells his life to a girlfriend, without makeup, with ups and downs, fun stuff and harder stuff, all while making jokes of potache.

Véronique is an entrepreneur who decided to launch her box after a marketing career at Mauboussin and Boucheron, where she says she learned a lot. She left the safety of a paid job to embark on the risky bet of launching her own jewelry brand in a saturated market and just for that, I pull my hat.

I spoke to her right away of the first Première Classe lounge where I came across “La Brune et la Blonde”. It was in 2011, at the time I had not yet my blog, but I was already around the new brands on the lookout for a nugget, and I had stopped in front of their stand, magnetized by the vibration Diamonds pierced on a fine chain.


I had talked with her partner at the time, (The Blonde, out of the adventure since then), and like the good fairy who looks at the cradle of the princess, I had predicted a bright business future. What proved true, the brand is very well distributed in France.

What had sprung to mind at the time was the accuracy of the concept, its simplicity, the charm of the naked diamond lightened by any set, and of course, the attractiveness of the price on a low-handed product d ‘artwork. Everything is in the technical feat of drilling the diamond.


Veronique returned to the genesis of the idea, telling me that at first she and her partner had worked for a brand of jewelry for children. In good marketeers, they quickly realized that the concept had no outlet, and they had the foresight not to get hooked.

It was by bending over diamond folds that the brilliant idea came to them.


A stone fold is a piece of paper that is folded twice three times in such a way that a lot of precious stones can be put there without losing them. In general, there are written on the top the number of pieces and the carat weight.

The fold is to the seller of precious stones what the briefcase is to the VRP, more poetic of course!

For when the stone dealer unfolds this paper with precise expert gestures, he has already begun to bewitch you. The opening of the paper on the gemstones is a unique moment.


I have seen him do so many times, each time, with my eyes riveted on my hands, which unfold the paper with dexterity, and my heart beats impatiently, creating a furtive and delightful tension, for The denouement is absolutely and invariably the wonder.

Because to discover stones in a white paper is to go back to the original mystery of unmounted stone, with all its angles, and the light that passes through each facet is magic.

It is this strike of lightning with unmounted diamonds that gave the idea of ​​piercing the stone and assembly on a chain thanks to a tiny welded ring. The result is delightful simplicity, because the diamond shines on all sides, that it is totally free, and that it gives the impression of vibrating on the skin.

Veronique showed me all the models, of the brand, which are declined in the 3 golds.

I have a preference for pink gold, and for the model with 5 tassels or the movement of stones is even more fascinating.

For the rest, I like everything because the jewelry of La brune and La Blonde are easy jewels, hyper light that melt with the skin, a little like a perfume, or a make-up, that’s why their Pack is a nice cosmetic jar.

His new ring tightrope is an exercise in interesting style, a set of diamonds on the edge, which allows to admire each face of the diamond, the table sparkling like the pointed breech.


You can find a model accessible by taking smaller diamonds, it remains super beautiful, or bigger if you want to play it like Marilyn, because now the mark starts at 0.007 carats and ends at 0.7. And one can also play it fancy diamonds by going on the shapes hearts, princesses or pears. Me who is usually anti-heart, I totally cracked on that one, hanging on one of his ears, he loses his side cute and becomes lively and fun!


It is after having played a little with each of these models of the Brune and the Blonde to make our photos that I rethought to the song of Marilyn.

Diamond is an exceptional stone for the irresistible attraction it arouses. Beyond its rarity, real or simulated, the diamond carries within itself light and eternity. Watching a diamond move is already being trapped by its beauty, which it is eternal!

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