Creation Of Jewelery: Different Types Of Mesh

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Are you a fan of DIY or you want to offer jewelry but have difficulty recognizing the different chain stitches? Whether for a bracelet, a necklace or any other jewel, there are a multitude of different chains used according to the needs and desires of the creator. Discover in this article the different chain stitches used in jewelry and do not hesitate any more!

Different chain stitches for jewelery creation

American Knitwear

The American mesh is imposing but harmonious. Its links are rounded and chiseled.

American mesh

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English Thread

The English stitch is inspired by the rendering of the stitch of the same name made in knit. It is distinguished with its oval links and slightly applatis.

Chain link chain

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Maille Boule

The ball mesh is composed as its name indicates of a succession of balls connected by rings. These balls can be of different sizes and more or less spaced according to the chains.

Chain ball chain

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Maille Horse

The horse mesh is made up of simple, oval and flattened links that follow one another. Not to be confused with the mesh figaro!

Horse chain

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Corded Maille

Easily recognizable, the rope mesh (as the name suggests) reminds one of the shape of a rope. It resembles the twist mesh but is fabricated differently from many small rings.

Chaine knitted string

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Maille Figaro

Composed of the same simple links as the horse mesh, the figaro differs with the alternation of three small meshes between each elongated mesh.

Chain mesh figaro

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Maille Filigrane

This type of mesh is quite detailed with wire twisted and welded together which gives it an “embroidery” aspect.

Filigree mesh chain

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Maille Forçat

This is a classic in jewelry! The mesh is inspired by the convoys of convicts who were tied together with chains. The corners of its links can be square or rounded.

Chain forcat

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Maille Gourmette

This type of mesh is one of the best known to the general public. The chain is made of aerated rings and slightly flattened.

Chains with curb chain

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Maille Grain de Café

Here we have a chain that is composed of links representing coffee beans. They are oval, voluminous and quite heavy depending on the jewel, that is why they are most often pierced with two holes.

Chain coffee bean

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Maille Grain of Rice

The chains in mesh of rice are composed of small links in the form of “grains” elongated, connected to each other with an invisible axis. It can be more or less wide, and the size of the grains can vary according to the jewelry.

Chain mesh of rice

Maille Haricot

Made of flattened links in the shape of beans, this type of chain mesh can be quite heavy to wear depending on the jewelry.

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Maille Jaseron

The specificity of the jaseron mesh is the alternation between round and oval meshes. It is a fairly easy and pleasant to carry chain.

Jaseron mesh chain

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Maille Marine

The marine mesh is inspired by the chains that hold the anchors of boats. Its links are oval and crossed in the middle, they can be round or flattened.

Navy mesh chain

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Mille Mirror

This type of mesh forms flat and wide chains. The mesh is flat and polished to achieve a smooth and shiny with a mirror effect.

Chain mesh mirror

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Omega Maille

The Omega mesh is made of round discs that overlap. This gives a fairly rigid chain.

Omega mesh chain

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Palmier Maille

A palm mesh is obtained with a 3D braiding of several wires of gold or silver. Each mesh passes through the penultimate mesh, which makes this design so special. This type of chain can cost quite expensive since its manufacture is technical and requires a large amount of metal.

Palm tree chain

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Polish Mesh

The Polish mesh is made by wrapping threads around metal axes. The wires are oriented from right to left to get so particular design with a regular alternation. This type of chain is bulky and quite thick.

Polish mesh chain

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Royal Maille

The chains in royal mesh are original and refined at the same time. This particular design and obtained by the assembly of rings two has two then joined together.

Royal Mesh Chain

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Maille Snake

The snake stitch carries the name because it recalls the scaly aspect of the skin of a snake. It can be flat or round.

Chain snake chain

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Maille Torsade

For this type of warp stitch, the rings are nested within one another at a given angle to obtain the twisted effect. It can also be flat.

Twisted mesh

Venetian Knitwear

Consisting of square links, this type of mesh is generally used for making thin chains. They are small and large cubic links interwoven into each other.

Venetian mesh chain

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