Dell Will Turn Your Discarded Motherboards Into Recycled Gold Jewellery

Dell Will Turn Your Discarded Motherboards Into Recycled Gold Jewellery

E-waste is a significant challenge not just in India but everywhere around the world. Its harmful impact on the environment is well known, and there’ve been numerous deliberations around the globe on how to tackle this problem. Recently electronics manufacturers have also awaken to the challenge and have started looking for their own ways to deal with the problem. First we saw Apple taking steps in the direction of recycling old iPhone components, and now well-known PC maker Dell has decided to do something in that direction. The company has…

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Choosing The Perfect Matching Wedding Band Sets

Matching wedding rings

Matching wedding rings embody the unity from the couple’s bond. Synonymous with two becoming one, his-and-hers wedding rings celebrate matrimonial tradition. Mixing vintage nostalgia in to the set further complements the elegance from the bands’ spiritual significance. Choose vintage-inspired matching bands to represent the romance, commitment, and sacred concept of the vows. Rows of diamonds, weaving details inspired by ancient Celts, and snow-lit sparkle all add vibrant, vintage beauty to fuse the right matching group of bands. Milgrain wedding band Embrace the regal Edwardian Era of jewellery design with marvelous milgrain…

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Fresh Jewellery Rules For the Modern Indian Women

pearl set

Jewellery knows no season, and when it comes to choosing a suitable one for yourself, you must identify the new trends that are being followed by the modern Indian women. An appropriate piece of precious stone may brighten up your day and add to overall charm and exuberance. Nowadays, women believe in buying different pieces of jewellery for different occasions. Whatever be the reason, exclusive designs, excellent quality, and unique craftsmanship are always preferred. So, let’s discuss what kind of jewels are trending, and the ways to wear them:  The…

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Various Types Of Designer Key Chains At Cheap Rate

Key Chains At Cheap Rate

Key chain is one of best and simple that you may gift to everyone. Key chain is also a thing which may also use as a promotional gift. Place your business name or logo image on the key chain and distribute this key chain to your employees and other person who are part of your business. You want such a gift is used by all people in their day to day life and they remember all time that you have gifted this key chain to them. Suppose, you have organized…

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Let the Diamond 4C’s Be Prioritized – Great Tips for Picking Up the Right Cut Diamonds!

Let the Diamond 4C’s Be Prioritized

Diamonds are indeed the most precious gemstone among others. Every woman on earth is crazy about diamonds, isn’t it? Whether it is the birthday of your lady love or your anniversary, buying diamond jewellery for them can be the best way to express your feelings for them! However, while buying them, it is important to remember 4 C’s that refers to the four main factors that determine quality and diamond of diamonds. The following pointers will help you know a bit more about them. Take a look! Importance of 4C’s!…

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Creation Of Jewelery: Different Types Of Mesh

See the Cookson-clal site

Are you a fan of DIY or you want to offer jewelry but have difficulty recognizing the different chain stitches? Whether for a bracelet, a necklace or any other jewel, there are a multitude of different chains used according to the needs and desires of the creator. Discover in this article the different chain stitches used in jewelry and do not hesitate any more! Different chain stitches for jewelery creation American Knitwear The American mesh is imposing but harmonious. Its links are rounded and chiseled. See the Cookson-clal site English…

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The darkening of skin and clothing by gold jewelery


The blackening of skin and clothing by gold or silver jewelery is a fairly common and rather surprising reaction. This phenomenon leads one to think that the jewels bought are of poor quality, but it is not the case! Several factors are at the origin of this reaction, we will discover which, and how to avoid it. Why do jewels blacken the skin? It is commonly admitted (see the  Cookson Clal Technical Point on  this subject) that many factors affect whether or not a piece of jewelery blackens skin or…

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Abilympics: a silver medal for France in the Jewelery category!


An international competition of the trades yes, but a competition especially dedicated to the promotion of the aptitudes of the disabled ! The name Abilympics is the result of a fusion of two essential words: abilities in English and the “Olympiques” approach. The concept of competitive industries was born in Japan in the 1970s on the model of the Paralympic Games . Today, the Abilympics International Federation, established in Hong Kong in 1991, aims to promote the Abilympics event internationally to organize a competition every four years. For this 9th…

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Face a customer not convinced of the price of your jewelry

Look at the finish of the ring

  Creator, artisan jeweler, or jeweler, you are in direct contact with your customers? You set the price of your jewelry yourself ? So you’ve already faced someone who thought your jewelry was too expensive . What frustration not ?! Cookson CLAL offers you today an article that will give you some tips to avoid this kind of situation. How to deal with a customer not convinced of the price of your jewelry? We are well aware that each vendor has its own way of selling, its personal approach with…

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A Vintage Inspired Ring … Or Even Three! {The Envy Of The Saturday

Swarovski's wedding collection

The envy of Saturday is the one that has been chasing us for a long time: a vintage inspired Swarovski ring , with this little retro side that we like time but without the triple zero price that goes with it. Because yes, there’s THE ring, but as everyone knows, it’s hard to stop in such a good way when you get a taste for everything that shines – and god knows if it comes  very  quickly, these things. And then there are also all those who have not yet…

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