A Vintage Inspired Ring … Or Even Three! {The Envy Of The Saturday

Swarovski's wedding collection

The envy of Saturday is the one that has been chasing us for a long time: a vintage inspired Swarovski ring , with this little retro side that we like time but without the triple zero price that goes with it. Because yes, there’s THE ring, but as everyone knows, it’s hard to stop in such a good way when you get a taste for everything that shines – and god knows if it comes  very  quickly, these things. And then there are also all those who have not yet found the happy one (in life and death, your future daughter-in-law can always run to hope to get her back someday), but would like to wear a ringing ring , Worthy of their Colgate smile, to shake under the nose of every bekin who has not yet received the great news. And as I understand you, I did the same for a good month,

With this trio of rings from Swarovski’s wedding collection , spotted at their press presentation this week, it is not one, but three rings to shake under the nose of your interlocutor. We love everything, the vintage spirit, the shape, the fact that we can wear them alone or in accumulation, and especially its price. The trick made in Panda: if you want one, make a group shot with two girlfriends (recruitment should be easy). At 50 euros the ring, which says better?

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