5 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress According To Your Morphology

5 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress

Hello the Pandettes! Today, on a misti-gray Monday, a little fatigue that is beginning to be felt despite the doses of caffeine ingested in massive quantities, and still eighteen projects on the fire – I will tell you about it but we do FULL things here At Studio Panda – in short inspiration sulks me and it’s already three times that I rewrite this intro. You too, you have the head in the mug of coffee? But let’s go!) I promised you at my Morpho-Mode workshop at the Carrousel du Louvre : here are my five tips for choosing your wedding dress according to your morphology!

And yes, you were particularly numerous to follow this workshop (a quarantine anyway!) Next time I would take a megaphone because with my thin voice, I can tell you that I had no voice at the end of The workshop;)). Even though I would never reach the inimitable Cristina (“magnificent, my darling!”), I thought that a little piece of advice on the choice of your wedding dress could be of interest to you.

Let’s be clear: it’s not about dictating the latest trends, let alone imposing a style that is “right”. In fashion, and in life in general, I am for free choice (except tennis socks in Birkenstock, which is totally  off limits whatever the circumstances – but I feel that I get lost there). No, there the idea is rather to give you leads to direct your research towards the dresses that will be the most flattering according to your morphology. For we are not going to lie: Mother Nature has not been in equanimous mood by distributing the maps of the outer beauty (even if the true is inside, it must be admitted that complexity more rarely in than outside ). So it will be necessary to learn to play with.

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Ok, this is not me, and probably not intended to apply to wardrobe worries. But still, it works here too. Before embarking on the quest for ZE dress, we take a moment to make a morpho-diagnosis: what do you like about you? What are you looking to camouflage? And your man / mother / best friend, what do they love about you? Surprise: your answers and yours do not necessarily agree! Note your assets on a small piece of paper and keep it treasured for days of ego scarcity, and point 2.

2.  Highlight your assets

There is always a tendency to focus on our shortcomings, rather than on our strengths – yes, those we have identified previously. Let’s stop being maso and do the opposite! A fine size? A nice cleavage? Graceful legs? Deer eyes with huge eyelashes? Stress them! Diverting attention from your “defects” (which are usually only large complexes!) Is much more effective than trying to camouflage them.

3. Play with the materials

They are your best allies to sculpt your silhouette without any abdo-glutes! Fuzzy fabrics, such as chiffon or crepe georgette, allow you to “blur” the line by creating transparency and movement, or to add volume where it is missing with gathers and other folds (to flesh out a line Small chest, for example). Be careful of the silk satins too thin placed on the skin that do not forgive the slightest defect! In general, a lining is almost always indispensable because it allows a beautiful fall of the fabric (and also not to look completely naked under it, which is not negligible). The stiffer fabrics, on the contrary, give the look and structure of the pace, but can also weigh it down, especially if you are tall. Slender or very small,

4. Use the “photoshop” tips

Nan, I’m not talking about filters used excessively some well-known retouching software, but little tricks that make it 5 cm / lose 5 pounds. For example, if your arms complicate you, go on the three quarter – ultra feminine sleeves, graceful and perfect for a winter or semi – season wedding. If you find your shoulders too square, do not hesitate to play on a bare back in V or diamond, which will fine-tune your build visually by creating vanishing lines. If it is your little sharp size that you crumple, the 20s shapes, with a waist down to the hips and a high a little blousant that will value rather the arms and chest. To lengthen the neck, nothing better than a décolleté V. To put forward a nice décolleté without doing too much, think finally a nice bolero lace,

5. Be comfortable!

A major advice, if not the most important: you must be comfortable in your wedding dress. It does not matter if the saleswoman is looking at you in the way, during the fittings, please me and move, dance, raise your arms, jiggle what: you are not going to pass the marriage posed on a pedestal like a Fabergé egg! So the corset ultra tight, we forget direct: yes it is beautiful in the fitting room, yes you will want to pull it out after 2 hours. Fortunately, most designers today offer light wedding dresses and ultra nice to wear … enjoy!

Laure de Sagazan wedding dress Andersen 2014 - LaFianceeduPanda.com

Laure of Sagazan

And here, my little advice to guide you my dear Pandettes … Of course these are not tips to apply to the letter, but rather guidelines to help you tell your own story. The bottom line is that your wedding dress looks and fits you!

And you, you chose your wedding dress? Do not hesitate to post your questions / requests for comment!

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