5 Myths About Hair Care Products

Treat your hair gently

Whatever type of hair you have, you may encounter some challenges in its management. One of the first things go for are the variety of hair products that exist. Despite their popularity, there are also many myths revolving around the hair products. This means that you may either choose to abstain from some of the products or use others incorrectly based on the myths. In order to ensure that you do not compromise the health of your hair and that you do not waste your hard-earned money on needless products, it is important to know the truth about some of these myths. As such, dispelling the myths can be the starting point to healthier hair.

Color treatment is unhealthy

There is no reason you should be afraid of rocking your favorite color in your hair. If you want your color blonde, red, blue, or green, go ahead and do it. The common myth is that the chemicals in the coloring products weaken the hair even when you use them correctly. However, the truth of the matter is that the products are the results of numerous research and testing. As such, what you get in the market today is gentle on your hair. In fact, you might even find that some of the product makes your hair more manageable.

If you are not sure about which product to use for color treatment, consult a professional stylist. They should be able to guide you through the best products. The professional stylists will also advise you that while color treatments are acceptable, bleaching is not. When you remove color from the hair, the strands are left thinner which makes them easy to break. When you add color, the strands get even thicker which is better for their outcome.

Shampoo damages hair

There is a misconception that using shampoo makes your hair to fall out. The truth of the matter is that if your hair is weak, it will fall out regardless whether you are shampooing or not. The only thing that happens is that there is a lot of friction in the shower as you clean out your hair. Therefore, if you notice your drain getting clogged by your hair, do not blame your shampoo. You might be tempted to cut back on cleaning your hair, something that experts say only make the problem worse. If oil continues to build up, you can get an inflammation requiring treatment. You should address the real reason why you are losing hair. This may be as a result of stress in your life. Try and use some natural stress relievers to see if the problem goes away. There are essential oils available that when used in addition to the shampoo, can help to stimulate hair growth.

Oils should not be used if you have a greasy scalp

There are many people who have an oily scalp. The conventional wisdom perpetuated by the myths is that such people should not use oils in their hair. However, there is no reason why the hair should be deprived of essential oils. Experts insist that you should use oils but with one caveat: only apply the oil to the hair but not the scalp. There are some good oils that actually help to improve the health of the hair. These oils penetrate through the strands to the cuticle and ensure the hair is protected from some elements such as heat and bleach. 

Shampoos should be changed regularly

You might have been told that you need to change your shampoo brands regularly so that your hair does not build tolerance for a certain hair product. As such, you may be stressed about ensuring that you have a different brand of shampoo after some time. This means that you are always researching for new brands of shampoo that you have not tried before. However, experts say that there is no such thing as hair building tolerance to a brand of shampoo. You can continue using your favorite brand of shampoo for as long as you desire. The only time you should consider changing is after coloring your hair or after you have used hot tools to fashion it. In this case, you should consider changing to shampoo with higher moisturizing effects. The other time is when you get an accumulation of product residue in your hair. If you use a significant amount of styling products, it is possible for some of them to remain in your hair. In this case, you should use a clarifying shampoo which helps to remove the residue and liven up your hair. After using the clarifying shampoo, you should also use a conditioner to help replace some of the lost moisture.

Hair products make hair indestructible

Not matter how good the product is, you should never be rough with your hair. Treat your hair gently for it to last longer. Just because you have access to a treasure trove of hair products that promise heaven for your hair does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind when it comes to handling it. Use the products in conjunction with a good management treatment. Be careful about what the marketing materials say about the properties of hair products. They are not magical by any chance, and you will still need to play a significant role.

Caring for your hair is essential. It helps to ensure that you have a lustrous head of hair without stress. There are many products that you can use to bring about this good hair. However, the use of these products comes with many associated myths. Because of lack of knowledge, many people peddle these myths as truths. Therefore, you may find yourself apprehensive about using certain types of products because of the myths you might have heard. But if you have the right information, you will be in a better position to take care of your hair. Do not trust everything you hear about hair products unless you are talking to a professional.

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