Blog beauty: 5 girls online not to miss

5 girls online not to miss

Adored to the rank of beauty gurus by many fans, ubiquitous on social networks, beauty bloggers daily give their advice and good plans on the web. Here are 5 of them, to follow without further delay. Bloggers full-time beauty for some, occasional for others, these “popesses” of beauty are followed by thousands or even millions of users. Blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram and Snapchat accounts, Facebook pages … They are often pervasive on social networks, they lead genuine communities in search of tutorials, beauty tips and varied tips to discover in…

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Creation Of Jewelery: Different Types Of Mesh

See the Cookson-clal site

Are you a fan of DIY or you want to offer jewelry but have difficulty recognizing the different chain stitches? Whether for a bracelet, a necklace or any other jewel, there are a multitude of different chains used according to the needs and desires of the creator. Discover in this article the different chain stitches used in jewelry and do not hesitate any more! Different chain stitches for jewelery creation American Knitwear The American mesh is imposing but harmonious. Its links are rounded and chiseled. See the Cookson-clal site English…

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The darkening of skin and clothing by gold jewelery


The blackening of skin and clothing by gold or silver jewelery is a fairly common and rather surprising reaction. This phenomenon leads one to think that the jewels bought are of poor quality, but it is not the case! Several factors are at the origin of this reaction, we will discover which, and how to avoid it. Why do jewels blacken the skin? It is commonly admitted (see the  Cookson Clal Technical Point on  this subject) that many factors affect whether or not a piece of jewelery blackens skin or…

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