A Vintage Inspired Ring … Or Even Three! {The Envy Of The Saturday

Swarovski's wedding collection

The envy of Saturday is the one that has been chasing us for a long time: a vintage inspired Swarovski ring , with this little retro side that we like time but without the triple zero price that goes with it. Because yes, there’s THE ring, but as everyone knows, it’s hard to stop in such a good way when you get a taste for everything that shines – and god knows if it comes  very  quickly, these things. And then there are also all those who have not yet…

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Advice On Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

For this matter of the highest importance, I appealed to Marilyne , professional image consultant and blogger of Ah La Parisienne.  I asked her to share some valuable tips to help you choose your wedding dress, depending on your body shape. If you look at the programs of makeover to the tv, you surely already know the principle of the silhouettes in the form of letter of the alphabet. A remedial course for those who do not know: Silhouette in A = Your shoulders are less wide than your hips.…

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