Updated Guest Posting Sites List

Sr. No. Website DA 1 http://www.topautoinsurancequote.net 48 2 http://www.youthwant.net 46 42 http://www.bobcassidy.net 42 3 http://www.nbzufang.net 40 4 http://www.montemayors.com 40 44 http://www.coveragecompanies.net 40 5 http://www.thebuckett.com 39 6 http://www.beautifulmd.com 39 7 http://www.reinamarta.com 39 8 http://www.sarashouse4you.com 39 9 http://www.thebeardedberry.com 39 10 http://www.thebeardedberry.com 39 11 www.mcmbelt.com 37 12 www.toolsofalchemy.com 37 13 www.furthepeople.com 37 14 www.alldayigame.com 37 15 http://www.bitterskank.com 37 16 www.fabulousmuses.com 35 17 http://www.bitterskank.com 35 19 http://www.aacopiadoras.com 35 43 http://www.thefoxhunter.com 34 18 http://www.skongmedia.com 33 41 http://www.treatallergicdisorders.com 33 20 http://www.seasonalhotgifts.com 31 21 http://www.hotlinkchina.net 29 22 http://www.tengyishiye.com 29 23 http://www.techworldbox.com 27 24 http://www.hnsguangming.com 27 26 http://www.sh-agene.com…

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Take Me To The End Of The Earth

my vlogs

Three weeks to discover a small corner of Thailand are coming to an end. I loved my stay in Hua Hin and I hope you enjoyed following my adventures there through my vlogs . At first I found it a shame to stay only in the same city during this trip. And then finally it made me realize one thing. I have never discovered a country as well as living in the same place for several months. As well as it is tempting to create a small itinerary to visit…

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My New Adventure With Twigoa!


A new personal e-shopping site will soon see the light and you know what? I’m part of the adventure! Find here all the information about my new activity of “Cristina Cordula”! Twigoa is a site linking bloggers, with clients, wishing to be oriented in their shopping. Indeed, you were very numerous to have asked me a day shopping during our contest of 100 000 subscribers on Youtube. I conclude that you are all fond of advice when it comes to choosing an outfit for this or that occasion. Unable to…

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