Remove False Nails without Acetone: Directions for use

Remove false nails without acetone

For two weeks, you have not stopped receiving compliments on the impeccable maintenance of your nails. It must be said that the installation of your false nails is not for nothing. After two weeks, the result is not as clear as before: your natural nails grow under your false nails and begin to appear. You must therefore remove your false nails. If you are short of acetone solvent, there are several methods to help you remove your fake nails without acetone.  SANDING TO REMOVE FALSE NAILS WITHOUT ACETONE The first…

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Why Nail Bites Are Dangerous For Health

vernis à ongles

225 shares SharePin   Whether this nail biting craze started in childhood or later it is often difficult to get rid of. Problem, it is dangerous for health. Explanations and tips to stop nail biting. To have beautiful hands, it also passes by nice nails. Yet, nearly one in three French people is affected by onychophagia. But how do we get rid of this bad habit, which causes us to nail our fingernails (sometimes to the point of blood)  and ruin our lives? Why are nails eaten? The causes of…

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