20 outfits for more office coverage

dizziness necklines

To boost his confidence in work, we also put on his outfit! No need to spend hours to find the right one, just find the detail that will make a difference and stand out. Discover 20 inspiring ideas.


Yes, the morning is a very cruel moment … Between the breakfast of the elder, the shower of last and self (anyway!), One is tempted to always put on the same outfit. A white shirt slipped into a pants or a skirt suit, and zou is gone! Yet, holding in the office is paramount to stand out and gain confidence, all of which will influence our colleagues’ perception of us. The first good news is that you do not have to wake up at dawn to find the ideal outfit. The second is that it is not necessary to spend a SMIC to be elegant. Our tips:

  • Avoid always wearing white and black: too sad, too strict. Do not hesitate to brighten up your outfit by wearing a piece or accessories in bright colors. As long as it’s by touch, you do not run the risk of seeming to get to the carnival. On the contrary, it is the right method for you to stand out and catch the eye! You can also opt for so-called “halftone” colors such as gray, beige or camel.
  • Choose strong pieces: to change pants with pincers, dare the combination or the wide pants to associate with a more neutral top. On a very wise look, a curry-colored sleeveless jacket will change the look and make you original while remaining stylish.
  • Do not bury your femininity : do not hesitate to be feminine! Of course, we avoid the dizziness necklines and the too tight outfits, but we do not hide his silhouette under too strict jackets or outfits deliberately not adjusted.
  • Opt for comfortable outfits: being class does not mean discomfort. Do not forget that this outfit, you will wear it all day! No need to wear too tight pieces or heels if you do not like them. There are models of sneakers or flat sandals very chic. Otherwise, the heels square and less than 5 cm will do very well! 
  • Dare the originality: do not choose a black perfecto but rather green or red, opt for prints and patterns on your top or bottom (avoid both at the same time).
  • Accessorise: the accessory is the little touch that changes everything! The belt will emphasize your waist to make your silhouette more elegant, the necklace will dress your neck to de-dramatize a look too strict or on the contrary finish dressing your outfit.

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