10 Tips for Successful Fashion and Beauty Blog

10 Tips for Successful Fashion and Beauty

Some lessons to follow before launching your blog

What if you wake up the blogging woman in you? Before you take the plunge, here are 10 tips for a successful launch.

You have been dreaming of it for years but you have never leapt. STOP! 2014, it is the year when you will reveal yourself, accomplish yourself and burst (it is my crystal ball that tells me)! So breathe, roar and take notes: here are 10 tips to follow before launching a fashion / beauty blog. Ready?

Okay – You do not have the right to see that object.

1. Being self-confident

First question: are you passionate about your subject and would like to share your experience and your knowledge OR are you looking for recognition? If this is the second solution: stop reading this article and look for another activity that will suit you better.

Being blogger, it takes a lot of energy and time. You will have to embark on a real creative marathon, climb obstacles, and see the doors of success only after having crossed many levels!

You are warned but stay tuned? In this case, ready, fire, go!

2. Have the gear

In addition to a computer and a good internet connection, you will need a small camera or a camera, depending on the content you want to broadcast. One of the biggest fashion blogs in France, La Revue de Kenza , combines articles, photos and videos for a very beautiful and very professional result.

Photographer – You do not have the right to see this object.


The blogger uses a Canon EOS 1100D and an 18-55mm lens or a 50mm lens. Coline chose to use a Canon 5D with a 50mm f / 1.2 lens and sometimes a 600D with a 17-55 f / 2.8 lens.

Both are rather expensive. So to make pro, either you set aside for you to make this beautiful gift, find a sponsor, or you start with a simple compact and upgrade to the time of the beginning of success.

3. Create a Stylish Blog

Put yourself in the place of your Internet users. If your blog is ugly, as a fashion / beauty blogger, do you think you’ll return a credible picture? So you need to find a name and blog theme that slams.

Find a name.  Avoid name boats type “The blog of” or “The dressing room”, already used 10,000 times (and again …). Opt for a simple name that will be remembered and which will guess your originality, your style, evidenced by  the chic and retro Miss Pandora  or the very feminine and magical The Cherry Blossom Girl .

Drop the domain name.  You have your name ripping? So, buy your domain name (yes, it’s called that) in “.com” AND in “.fr” (to avoid that smart little ones try to pretend for you) on sites like OVH Or Gandi .

Host your blog. Stay on the site where you bought your domain name and buy there an accommodation (basically, you have to rent a drawer from the huge internet shelf) in “.fr” OR in “.com”. To give you a price idea, low cost accommodation at OVH in “.fr” with purchase of the domain name included will cost you less than 30 euros per year.

Choose your blog platform.  Wordpress , Blogger , Overblog , …: the choice is not lacking! Check the sites of these platforms to see which ones are best for you, download the one you want, and install your domain name (many tutorials explain how to do it). So, you only have to decorate your blog and store your articles!

Choose a good theme. As for your name, try to make your universe feel in the layout of your blog, in the way of Pandora . If the free themes do not please you, drag on the pages of sites like Themeforest , which offer you paying but more professional.

Miss Pandora – You do not have the right to see this object.

4. Deploy your originality

Do not try to look like any other, be it! There are already very many blogs of fashion and beauty so the only way to make you notice is to be original.

Originality – You do not have the right to see this object.

And to be original is to bring out your originality and the richness of your personality! Moreover, the well-tempered  character of Helenemonblogdefilles ensures nearly 82 000 subscribers on Youtube (!) And we regularly go to the YouTube channel of Eppcoline to learn laughing a good move. So, blow and unfold all the power of your originality!

5. Building a Community

A must-have in this ultra-connected era: Facebook, Twitter, Hellocoton, Google+, Instagram, and why not be on Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, etc for the most geeks? Serial twitteuse,  La Revue de Kenza was built on Twitter  a community of more than 22,000 Followers!

For fans of videos and tutorials, create a YouTube channel with the same name as your blog. Many bloggers, known as YouTubeuses, use this site as their main platform, using their blog more as a showcase.

6. Maintaining your community

Your success, you will owe it to your readers! So the least thing to do is to be grateful to them by exchanging with them, responding to their comments and listening to their constructive criticism.

7. Be a warrior!

To have credibility, you will always need to improve. Sharpen your look, your personality, your writing, … Work harder, pay attention to the quality and form of your content, so that nothing can be held against you. And take pleasure in seeing the path traveled behind you.

Be a warrior – You do not have the right to see this object.

Be patient! Unless a huge stroke of luck, making a hole in this environment takes time.

And in the hour of success, arm yourself against the haters , those internet users who delight in insulting people because it allows them to let off steam behind their screens, and pay special attention to all the opportunists who will want to profit from your success.

8. Be regular

Internet users, like readers, are inconstant and unfaithful. To maintain and increase your audience, you have to exceed each time AND post as often as possible articles. A poorly maintained blog is a dead blog!

9. Dare!

Boldness pays (almost) always! Be courageous, find original ideas to get you noticed and increase your audience! A blog A girl tells you here how she got the idea of ​​making a presentation teaser that allowed her to win a solid base of surfers .

10. Fall Out!

Having a blog is a marathon, of course, but it is above all your place of expression where you must have fun.

So, have some fun and good luck !

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